My name is Yasmin Sheikh.
I’m an artist from the flat lands of the Netherlands.
I love doing character designs for animation,video games,
and making cute products for kids and playful adults.

I also have a passion for world building and comics.
Which was easy to combine in my comic series
“Luna the Vampire” which was published by
IDW publishing.

I’ve worked with

  • van Nijgh en Ditmar
  • LEGO
  • RoNiMo
  • Double Dutch
  • Sony
  • UDON
  • Incredible Machine
  • De Gemeente Utrecht
  • Moleskine
  • DDK
  • NRC
  • Game House

For the full list and my complete CV check my LinkedIn

Year round I fondly visit cons worldwide to promote my comics.
If you are interested in having me as a guest at your con please use the contact form here or email me

Besides working digitally I also love working on paper using copic markers, making ceramics sculptures (which house my many, MANY succulents) and making products and creatures from fabric. Which have been displayed in shows and exhibits worldwide. I also like coding visual novels in Ren’Py.

In my free time I read comics, play video games and play D&D with my friends.
I also have a great passion for traveling. I used to travel all over the place with my parents as a kid, and now that I’m all grown up I occasionally hop on a plane to visit some place far away.
I also like to collect things especially designer toys. I used to be quite active in the scene when it came up in the early 2000’s. And I have a passion for stationery and tend to collect a lot of cute stickers.
Which is okay, because you can NEVER have enough cute stickers.

If you would like to work with me please feel free to contact me here or email me.