I created The Bunny Project when I was in art school, I started by painting some illustrations of weird looking bunnies on a couple of plates. After that I started to make plushies of the bunnies for fun and shared them on Flickr.
It didn’t take long before I started to sell them. I made different types, with different character traits. They were super fun to take pictures with.

I’ve sewn hundreds of bunnies by hand and sold them to whoever contacted me. Loads of people took lovely pictures with them and shared them to my flickr group at the time.
I also did expositions with these furry little weirdos in:
the Netherlands, USA, HongKong, Hawaii, Australia and more
It was one of the most fun project I worked on, and I’m still quite fond of my bunnies.
And I would like to thank anyone who showed any interest in my bunnies or who bought one as this project kickstarted my career.